Weekend Moments

Hello lovelies! I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend. Here are some of my favourite things from mine. Family day at Tampa’s amusement park, Busch Garden, where my siblings, Dad and I went on the new Falcon’s Fury. [300 ft hight, 90 degree pivot, 60 mph plunge!] Today, we ventured to the Seminole Heights Sunday morning market. Definitely one of my favorite markets in the Tampa Bay Area thus far! I was even able to find a South African pie vendor and a Jamaican tent selling sorrel! One happy girl! >







Why To Travel By Yourself


At the beginning of this year when I went on my two month world trip by myself, I was asked by multiple people if I was scared, nervous, or worried about venturing on my own. For some, the thought of traveling by themselves is very daunting. However, for me the thought of traveling solo thrilled me. To be frank, it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

I was determined from the get go of my trip that I was going to do it all by myself. From the researching of travel agents to never ending emailing back and forth with contacts, I did it on my own. I knew I wanted to prove to myself that I could it.

Like anything in life, there were ups and downs. Yes, there were moments when I wanted to cry and have an “adult” do something for me. That’s when it hit me. I am an adult, who is fully capable of doing this on my own.

Of course when I got back everyone wanted to know all my fun adventures and to know where my favorite places were. I would always answer the questions with an automatic response, “It was SO much fun.” Until one day, I clearly remember a family friend asking me what did I learn from my trip. That was the first time I even thought about something like that. It took me a few seconds to reply with my answer, but I knew it was one of many answers.

• I learned to vouch for myself.
• I learned to live in the moments
• I learned to enjoy the simple things
• I learned to be open to new experiences

To have the chance to travel is truly a blessing. Use opportunities and experiences to develop yourself!


Lessons Learned From Job-Hunting

Job-hunting can be time consuming. Filling out applications can be time consuming. Interviewing can be time consuming. However, all of the steps can lead to awesome opportunities and exciting career paths.

Here are some lessons I have learned through my job-hunting.

You are your own brand

Make sure your LinkedIn account echoes what is on your resume. Do not post things that you do not want recruiters to see. Have a professional photo for profiles.

Check for typos

Double check emails before sending them. Reread your resume and have others read them too!

Do your research

Learn about the company’s culture and mission. This will allow you to gain insight on the industry.

Go prepared

Have multiple hard copies of your resume. Be a step ahead and have questions written out for your interviewers.

Dress professionally

Wear clothes that fit you well and that do not show too much skin. Follow the dress code or dress one step above. Limit jewelry and invest in comfortable and work-appropriate shoes. As well, body language is a huge part of your appearance.

Be yourself

No matter what!

Be patient

God has a plan for every one of us. We may not understand it, but He does and that is all that matters.


Ugly Side of Social Media

Recently, I have been thinking about the pros and cons of social media, mainly the cons. Social media can be such a tool to bring awareness to certain subjects or to connect people around the world. Take the ALS ice bucket challenge as example, which has taken social media by storm. Over a couple of weeks, the ALS association has received over millions of donations thanks to social media. However, there is an unflattering side to this lovable and addictive tool.

Intimate relationships are no longer a personal matter. They are a public matter. A couple’s relationship can only be official if it’s “Facebook Official.” A couple must always be in constant contact with each other by posting, tweeting, messaging back and forth. Then, if our significant other doesn’t text us back immediately, we start to question why we are not that important to get a response back.

It is amazing how engagements become these immediate headlines. Yes, sharing on social media has become part of our culture. However, I find it nauseating when couples display something so personal and private on social media. It is getting to the point where everything is broadcasted. “I’m X cm dilated!” “Can’t wait to become one flesh with fiancé.”

My best friend told me this the other day, which I believe nails the subject right on the head, “We need to be reminded that a relationship is not about likes but about a life.”

Social media is leading its followers into a narcissistic culture. I know I am guilty of getting that little bit of thrill when I see my phone light up and ding from the other side of a room. I am guilty of judging and dictating whether or not someone has a good relationship due to their posted photos. I’m guilty of looking at my little box on FaceTime rather than looking at the actual person I’m talking to.

Just like everything, there needs to be a happy medium.

What is my solution one may ask? Detox! Remember, generations before us could function with out it. I believe we can do the same. I know it will be difficult. I know I get separation anxiety from my phone just for a couple of hours, whom am I kidding…for a couple of minutes. Let’s challenge ourselves to have break.

Please, have a real conversation with someone! It is good for the soul!


Brunch Crawl

See what I did there ;)

First on the list: The Flying Biscuit Café. According to D, it is the ultimate pit stop when traveling through Gainesville. The chain has 13 different locations starting from Florida, up to Atlanta, and then ending in North Carolina.

I had heard nothing but good tales of the restaurant from my fellow Gator fans.

The environment was definitely family friendly and bright happy colors covered every wall.

My choosing was the Famous Flying Biscuit Breakfast (first thing on the breakfast menu). Two eggs served with their signature breakfast sausage and a side of creamy dreamy grits.

Let me say, I was one happy camper when the food came out! No complaints on our end! Another note: I finished everything on my plate…this is a big deal for me!

Without skipping a beat, I would recommend this restaurant.




Hippie Child



Life from my iPhone

Having free time in the summer has it’s perks.

Here’s just a few snaps from the past two weeks.

Starting from a week at my favorite beach to surprising my man with tickets to a country concert.









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