Tonight, we are young

As my last day of spring break freedom comes to a close, I realize that I only have about six more weeks of grinding my way through homework, exams, and stress till freedom! My last few hours of freedom have consisted of laying out this afternoon and trying to multitask, by reading a book for one of my online classes. The sun felt wonderful. I feel so sorry for the people who live up north and have to deal with all that coldness. I am ever thankful to my parents for us living in Florida.

While laying out, it dawned on me on how I have so much schoolwork to do before I finish with this spring semester. This blog is one of them.

While I am writing my blog, USF just lost their big game. Despite their lost, I am proud to be a USF BULL!

Now to calm my nerves before going to bed I will make myself a nice cup of tea, my second pot for the night.



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