Get out and do something! – VOLUNTEER!

On the third Saturday of this past January, I volunteered with the University of South Florida’s Stampede of Service (SOS). It is a day to keep the spirit alive a Martin Luther King, Jr. and reaching out to the community. Students are assigned to various project in Hillsborough County having to do with social issues such as senior citizens, feeding the homeless, trash pickup duty, and women’s issues. A fellow class mate had informed about the volunteer event and I did some research after our conversation. I was interested by what I found and I signed myself up immediately. I was surprised to find different coverage by the local news, YouTube videos, and various articles on the event. However, I never saw any promotions for SOS on campus. On the day of the event, I was assigned with a team to trash pickup duty in a poverty filled neighborhood. Before arriving to our work site, my team had to figure out how to get there. We were not given any transportation, which caused a problem because our site was nearly three miles away. However, we managed and found a way to get there. My team members and I picked up trash for three hours alongside a busy main road. While on duty, the experience will be one that I will not forget. I am thankful that I went and I learn something new about myself. The experience has opened my eyes in the way that there is always something that needs to be done and the opportunities to help are out there.Image


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