My outlook on Public Relations

Relationships are extremely important in life; first starting off with one’s parents to future employers. Humans crave social contacts. No matter what age, gender, or nationality relationships are important. At moments relationships can be stressful, indefinable, and even boring. However, they can be thrilling, fun, and rewarding.

Public relations is a way of communicating to the public. It is a practice of maintaining relationships. There are various focuses and goals that public relations has but relationships is the key one.

In today’s world, relationships have a low priority in individuals’ busy life styles.

Public relations spends special attention in building those relationships and having a strong ground with their audience. Quality of the relationships must be genuine and public relations strives for this element in all their connections.

In my principles of public relations class, I have learned that components of public relations vary from counseling to special events. It amazed me how professionals in the public relations world need to be savvy communicators. I knew that clear and consistent communication is a must. However, I now have a clearer understanding that working in the field one must always be aware of what is going on around them and how the public is reacting. For the longest time I thought public relations was just creating a good image for famous celebrities like Charlie Sheen. But there is so much more involved than that.

Individuals like myself who are planning on building a career in public relations should develop knowledge in writing, research, planning, problem-solving, and business.

Relationships with media, government, and organizations will be beneficial contacts to have.


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