Digital Bullpen article :)

At the moment, my dear laptop is sick. Earlier this morning when I went to register for my classes for next semester, my laptop took the longest time to turn on. I didn’t have much time because I wanted to make sure I registered the exact minute I was allowed too (I wasn’t about to lose a seat for my future classes!). I then decided to use my littler sister’s laptop. However throughout the day, I was having trouble connecting to the Internet which was a big problem because I was working on finding research for two of my papers for my beginning reporting class. When I got home from Bible class tonight, my laptop didn’t even open up my files for my papers. Of course I went to my Daddy that computer sage. However, even he wasn’t able to figure out what was wrong with it. Soooo now I’m using my momma’s little Mac. I’m not sure if it is time for me to part my ways with my Dell and switch to a Mac. I know it would be a good little investment. But it’s so much money!!! Which I am lacking at the moment. Meeehhhh. If only money grew on trees, this would not be an issue.

Good News- My story covering American Sign Language got posted on USF’s The Digital Bullpen yesterday. So stoked about that. It is my second story to be posted. Hopefully, I might get another one in there before the end of the semester.



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