Easter Sunday

Couple of random things on my mind tonight, on this fine Easter Sunday night.

1) The founder of Skype was very thoughtful. Reason being, I just ended an hour conversation with my cousin who lives in the Land Down Under, a.k.a. Australia. I honestly wouldn’t be able to contact her through calling because that would cost me quite a bit of money. I could’ve used Facebook, but why would I use that social media when I could actually hear her voice using Skype?!

2) Pirates of the Caribbean will always be one of my favorite movies. I have come to realize that ever since I have been able to read, I fawn over the idea the blue sea, salt air, mermaids, pirates, and traveling. (I’m multitasking while writing this post and watching the movie.)

3) Three weeks of school and one week of exams- this keeps running through my head! Summer cannot come fast enough!!!

All for now!

Yours truly,



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