The South African in Me

I cannot help but wonder how many things I do and say that are South African. Today, I was doing a little experiment and observing how many things my family does that shows what culture we come from.

Anyways, I came to the conclusion that language can be a major give away for my family. My daddy has a small amount of his accent left. However, people who have never met him thinks he is from Australia or England because they claim his accent to be so “strong.” I beg to differ. But back to language.

A handful of my friends know that one of my sayings is “shame” .  Shame can be used as a word for “oh cute’ – usually said “ag shame”, to “you poor thing” to “I feel sorry for you”.

Then the words “just now”, sometime in the near future, not necessarily immediately. Expresses an intention to act soon, but not necessarily immediately. (as in 20–90 minutes time).

now now – an immediate but not literal declaration of impending action, may be past or future tense. From the Afrikaans expression “nou nou”. (as in 5–60 minutes).

This time stuff can be quite confusing to some, but it is quite simple really!

Cozzie: a swim suite. This term is dear to me because it reminds me of when I was little and my daddy would tell me to put on my costume, aka my cozzie. At theis certain age, I had a special swim suite that had purple sequins and I thought I looked like a Ariel the mermaid. (The Little Mermaid was my favorite moving growing up). I make sure to use this in my everyday vocabulary.

Then the famous Eina: Ouch! Instead of saying a curse word, this word comes out of my mouth. It can feel like I am saying something bad because it is kind of like another language.

I am still keeping an eye out on my family’s South African behavior.

That is it for now.



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