Tips for Tweeting

Do not let Twitter overwhelm you. Just follow these simple tips and you will be tweeting away in no time.

General tips: Pick a hashtag.

What is a hashtag? – Individuals use the hashtag symbol, #, before a word or a phrase  in their tweets. The hashtag helps spread information and as well has keeping it organized. A tweet with a hashtag in it immediately becomes categorized on Twitter. Embrace it! Example: Tonight is the #VMA, can’t wait to watch #TaylorSwift.

Tweet often

To keep your following followers on their toes or wings so to speak, you want to tweet at least once a day.

Retweet others

Twitter is a tool to interconnect. By retweeting others, one is doing just that. Twitip explains that tweeting has an effect on everyone and that Twitter thrives on interconnectivity. Once a tweet gets a certain number of retweets, it becomes a trending tweet. The popular tweets are articles and interesting stories in the Twitter community.

Understand the lingo

Like any language it is always vital to understand what is being said. Edudemic has a great A-Z dictionary on Twitter’s dictionary of hashtags.

Simplicity is best

Twitter Help Center suggest for Twitter followers not to overload their tweets with hashtags. Include one to two hashtags in your tweet that are relevant. You are your best judge. Example of what not to do: #Notfeelingsogood#NyQuil#Iwantmymomma#sickie

Don’t over think it

Just communicate. Fellow Twitter followers are not worried about if you sound smart or funny. However, grammar and sentence structure is still important.

Have fun!

Most important tip is to have fun and to make your Twitter account your own. Tweet away!!!

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