In the Mother Land

After 14 hours on a plane, a twin size bed and a shower is amazing.

I was quite impressed by the airplane food. I had curry chicken for my dinner and then this blueberry thingie for breakfast. Plus my air steward was easy on the eyes. Not always a bad thing ;)

I met an interesting fellow from Gaborone, Botswana. However, after hours on a plane ride together, I never got his name. He was traveling back from vacation in Orlando and Daytona. The young man was in the Botswana Air Force and has come over to the States for training. He became the man of his household when he was a young teen.

We did have troubles after we arrived in Jo’burg. One out of our nine suite cases did not make it to SA. We are not quite surewhere it is. However, we’re thinking it never left JFK. – Praying that it just got lost.

I couldn’t get over when we were driving to Auntie Leanne’s house (Auntie Leanne is my namesake and my mom’s childhood friend), on all the different cars and the scenery. Even the air smells different, which I love!

Yesterday, we tried some potato chips that were seafood flavor which were quite interesting.

All of us had to take power naps yesterday afternoon because we were fading. After our naps we felt like zombies. But we slept like rocks last night!

This morning Dad, Cheyenne, Aidan (Auntie Leanne’s little boy), and I went on a refreshing walk with their yellow lab, Max (precious thing). Nice to get some blood flowing after losing a day from traveling.

I’m not quite sure what is on the agenda for today, but that doesn’t exactly matter because I’m back in the Mother Land ;)




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