Thursday, 13th – Richards Bay

I cannot describe how I’m still in shock that I am here. It’s funny because my family and I have been talking about this trip for the longest time and I still cannot get over the fact that I am here. I will admit that I started to tear up at the thought when I landed in Durban that I would have to leave South Africa. Okay, moving on…

Last night, I made a booboo and took a nap with Cheyenne right before dinner time. Not a smart idea because it made me drag for the rest of the night. When Mom woke me up for dinner, my head felt like it had concrete inside. Cheyenne went to bed right after dinner which was around 8:00 and I managed to “visit” (sit there while trying not to pass out) with everyone until 9:30. However, when I went to lay down to go to sleep I layed there wide awake till pass midnight. While laying there, I did look up my grades for school and I saw that I made 100% on my one test! One good way to end the night. It is still nerve-racking being on the other side of the world waiting for grades to be posted.

This morning, I did sleep in :) Which is quite hard to do when the sun comes out at five in the morning. First thing, Granny and Grandpa gave me a belated 21st birthday gift: a Kruger Rand! I’m one lucky girl. I was so surprised and the setting for the coin is beautiful. It is a piece of jewelry that will last my lifetime. After our tea and toast, Mom & Dad took us to the beach to look around. Granny and Grandpa’s place is less than five minutes away. Richards Bay is not know for its beaches, but a beach will always be a beach to me. For some reason I was thinking the water was going to be freezing but it was nice and freshing. After being there for a while, we headed home for lunch. Once we all ate, Granny took the three of us Stopford kids to the shopping centre near by while Daddy took Mom to her doctor’s appointment.

Today, I did make my first purchase. It’s a canvas bag with SOUTH AFRICA written all on it for less than $8. I cannot wait to use it on a regular basis. Then, Cheyenne and I bought similar hand beaded necklaces and bracelets near the beachfront.

I’m still trying to figure out what else I might want to get while I’m here, because honestly I have not idea when the next time I will get the chance to come back to SA. If I do buy anything it will be something with the flag our country and it will be handmade.  

The plan for tomorrow is going to the beach once Mom finishes some blood work.I cannot wait to layout in the sun and get rid of my whiteness!

Sunday, my great-aunt, Pat, and her family, and extended cousins and their families will be coming over for an early Christmas. I love it that I get to have multiple Christmases while I’m here. Then on Monday, then the five of us Stopfords are meeting up with my uncle and his family to go to a game park for four nights. No, we are not hunting the animals, we will be observing God’s beautiful creation.

All over the news here is the stories about all these rhino killings that are happening in Kruger National Park. The news is saying that by the end of the year nearly 400 rhinos will have been killed for poaching and just for the “fun” of it; that fact makes me sick.

Interesting fact: I ate beef flavor potato chips. Not my favorite but interesting.

If you click my twitter feed on the side of my blog, you will be able to see different photos that I have posted through there.

I will try to post as often as I can, but I cannot promise that I will write everyday.



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