Pick n Pay

At the grocery store Pick n Pay a customer is guaranteed to see children walk around with no shoes. I remember when I was here last and any time we went to the store I was determined to go barefoot. The reason why there are no signs for “No Shirt, No Service” and South Africans are not afraid of people suing. – I keep on having these really bad headaches. Mom says that I have to remember that over here we are closer to the equator and it is a lot hotter, plus the places we have stayed at so far have no air con. – talking about hot, us Stopfords went down to the beach from 9 to 10:30. We had to come back because we were dying from the heat. Cheyenne and I did spot some good looking SA guys (easy on the eyes and their accents hit the spot let me tell you) We did manage to go in the water and body surf in the massive waves. Remember, we are use to the Gulf of Mexico which has no waves whatsoever. I was afraid at one point that my swimming costume had come off from the waves. – Last night, I found a show called “Come dine with me: South Africa.” It is very similar to the TLC show “Four Weddings” but instead of weddings the people are voting on, they vote on South Africans food. There are four contestants that cook and are judged on their appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Really interesting show. Another one was called “Date in the dark” so funny. Google it! – more to come – N


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  1. Brian Perconti, Sr.
    Dec 14, 2012 @ 13:29:37

    Actually, if you’re in Durban(about 30 degrees South), you are a little farther from the equator than you are in Tampa (about 28 degrees North) — Your headaches are probably due to a combination of long travel, and sudden climate change (summer in SA and no AC). Drink lots of water and that will help your body acclimate faster. Thanks for keeping up with blog — I enjoy hearing about your family adventures!


  2. bobmarye
    Dec 14, 2012 @ 13:31:06

    That brings back memories… I remember when they started the signs here to “please wear shoes.”


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