Day of Reconciliation

Today in South Africa marks the Day of Reconciliation. It is a public holiday to remember the end of the apartheid. In part of celebration, many people have been blasting their music in their cars and whistling. Where Granny and Grandpa live is right next to a main road and many people walk by. It was funny because when we went to worship this morning, we drove to the library where the group meets. However, when we drove up we didn’t see a car insight. Dad then went up to the door and a guard answered and informed him the library was closed because of the public holiday. I was definitely missing my church family at North Boulevard. – Later today we went by the local shopping centre and bought a couple of goodies. Cheyenne and I bought Mom a belated birthday/Christmas gift which was a braai cookbook. A braai is a South African barbeque. – Poor Grandpa wasn’t having a good day and has been in his room for most of the day. It is moments like this that I am thankful I am here because I do not know how much longer I have the chance to visit and get to know him better. A known fact about my grandpa is that he loves horse racing. It really is my one memory of him. He used to own horses in the day which would race. His favorite which won twice was named Honey Blonde. He has a picture in his garage on one of the wins and the jockey all decked out. It is something that I know barely anything about. There are particular days and times he watches the races on the television and while he is watching, he has the clipboard with the newspaper insert that has the horses names and important facts about them. In horse racing, it is common for the horses to have unusual names. My favorite name so far has been Ace of Speed. I thought that was a pretty witty name. – It is crazy to think I have been here a week so far. This trip is going by too fast for me liking. – Last night, Hunter, Cheyenne, and I FaceTimed with a friend back in Florida. It was quite funny because he could not get over that he was talking to us miles and miles away in a different country, let alone another continent. Pretty wild what we can do now a days. – Something new that I have tasted since being here: A red cappuccino, which is a rooibos tea espresso, absolutely delish. Seafood flavored chips, not so delish. Definetly you need to have an acquired taste for it. Beef flavored chips which were okay. The chips over here are called crips and the French fries/slop chips are called chips. A Milo milkshake. I ventured out of my banana and lime milkshake zone and ordered this today. Yummy in the tummy. My favorite thing this far is passion fruit lemonade. I got one with my extended cousins at a boat club this week. It is mixed with lemonade and Rose’s Passion Fruit cordial. Very refreshing. – Tomorrow, we leave for the game park and I’m quite positive I will have any wifi, which is fine by me because I need to unplug from everything. – This trip has really opened my eyes in the fact that whites are truly in the minority. It is a bit weird to walk into a store and be the only kind of your color skin. It is not something that I experience back home. South Africa is also know as a melting pot and especially as a rainbow nation. One ethnicity that one would not see here is individuals of Hispanic origin. – Interesting facts: When walking through the mall in SA, people walk the way the drive over here, which is on the left side. I noticed this by walking on the right and constantly getting bumped into. – I need to pack for tomorrow. Enjoy the photo of Grandpa Rex – N



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  1. bobmarye
    Dec 16, 2012 @ 20:52:18

    What an experience… I really enjoy your blog. Miss you! marye


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