Safari Continued

Highlights from our stay at the lodge

-On our last morning tea break we were next to a watering hole and watched hippos bob up and down in the water.
-Watching the a pride of lion eat a warthog twice. Listening to the lions rip, tear, and crunch scared the snot out of me, but it was quite an experience.
-Watching a lion near snag a baby warthog and the baby running away to safety. (I would much rather see a near kill and the eating after a kill rather than watching a kill.)
-A baby giraffe nursing. That was a precious sight.
– A mother cheetah sitting in the shade from a bush with her two little cubs. The babies eyes were the cutest thing.
-A surprise dinner in the bush. I will admit I was scared to death when we did this because my senses were on high alert. Almost every dinner that we had at the lodge was something you would see in a magazine; eating dinner in the light of laterns, birds making calls, and various bugs making their way to our table.
-One of my favorite things was the clawfoot bathtub in each of our lodges. Oh my word! Taking a bath in that big thing was divine.
-Staying up hours catching up with my cousin Aryssa, who I had not seen in almost a year.

Yesterday was the first day of summer. For the ones back home in the States, it was the first day of winter. I am not looking forward to coming back to cold weather. I am getting quite use to the hot weather and getting my tan skin back. (I had started to feel sickly because of how pale I had gotten during the fall semester) Last night, I sat with Grandpa and watch the cricket match between South Africa and New Zealand which was held in Durban. The SA Proteas* won. I only just now learned that name of the cricket team was called the Proteas after the country’s flower.

Tomorrow, the rest of my family from Durban is driving up to Richards Bay for our family’s early Christmas. It will be lovely to see everyone. Lots of pictures will be taken. Also, we should be able to worship with the group here in Richards Bay. I’m looking forward to singing with them. Their African voices are so beautiful. Without a doubt I get goosebumps every time I hear the saints over here sing.

Sending some of the warm South African sunshine to friends and family back home.


*Protea- South Africa’s flower. In the language of flowers, the protea symbolizes diversity and courage. I must say that it is quite an accurate flower for the country.


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  1. bobmarye
    Dec 22, 2012 @ 13:45:09

    I can only imagine how beautiful this must be, and to be with family as well!


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