Surviving. Getting By. Managing. Living. !

I am finding out that I am quite the chef. It is funny because the last time I really did cook was when I was living in a flat with my cousin for almost two months in 2011. 

So far, I have cooked pork chops, jerk chicken, chickpea-tomato-feta salad, delicious tilapia, and a breakfast dinner. I’ve been experimenting with different rubs and spices. SO far, nothing has gotten burned or caught on fire.

One of my guilty pleasures, when I have that house to myself is actually watching the cooking channel. This is a bit weird because whenever my family is home, I would never watch something like that. When I have to start cooking any of the meals, I blast music throughout the house and light candles. There will be some singing off key and dance moves Michael Jackson would have been jealous of while I am cooking.

My goal is to eat healthier while I’m in charge of the cooking and grocery buying. Don’t think that my mom doesn’t cook healthy or shop right. I’ve been looking up tons of ideas on  Pinterest. 

It is a bit weird not having someone else in the house during the day. This leads my dogs to attach themselves to my hip. Choxie, my little pomeranian, just lays all on me. 

People have asked me if I am surviving while the rest of the family is away. As you have read above, I am getting by “with a little help from my friends.” Yes. I was just singing that line to you! But to answer the question, I am living life. Yes, I miss the family, but that is what the Internet, Skype, and FaceTime was made for.

That’s all for now.




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