Cooking Adventures

I apologize for the lacking of posts. Recently, I have had the dishonor of being under the weather, literally. Leaving me desperate for something healthy and warm, I was lead to make my very own chicken soup from scratch. With my mom being on the other side of the world and in an area (for week) where she had no phone service, I was quite nervous making soup without her assistance. I pulled together a leftover rotisserie chicken and added it to my big pot with water and then just added various ingredients throughout the day. The soup ended up with celery, carrots, brown rice, and some potatoes. However, the potatoes for some odd reason still were hard as rocks, even though I cooked the soup all day. I did feel mentally better after making my very own soup scratch!

Another meal that was interesting came from a Pinterest meal idea. I was wanting to cook something with chicken, but I wanted to change it up a bit. I was scrolling through the various pins under the Food & Drink category. Then, I came across pin that was named “pomegranate laquered roast chicken.” I had some leftover pomegranate seeds from a couple days before and they were needing to be eaten. I partially followed the recipe from the link and after half an hour of the chicken in the oven, I had a delicious dinner.

I have become addicted to a tomato, feta, and chickpea salad that I got an idea from another Pinterest pin. All you do is dice your tomato, stir it in with your chickpeas. Add your feta to your liking. Next, you sprinkle some olive oil, so that all the ingredients are wet. Last step is adding some Italian spices with salt and pepper. Oh my goodness, it is delish! ***I have left over chickpeas that are waiting for me to mix with some tomatoes, but I keep on forgetting to buy one when I go to Publix.

Tomorrow, I’m thinking about making cheese and chocolate fondue as a belated Valentine’s Day dinner. Tonight, for the lovely holiday, I decided to cook yellow rice, black beans, and corn bread. It just seemed like the perfect meal for the rainy and cold weather outside. ***I’m hoping my mom will be able to email a recipe that I can follow to cook the fondue. I have a feeling after I cook it, I’m still going to be hungry.



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