Learn as I Learn

Wednesday night was my second attempt to cooking spaghetti. A couple of weeks ago I attempted to make this Italian dinner, but somehow my noodles did not cook all the way, which I am not quite sure why because I did exactly what the intrsuctions on the box said. *Sad note that I have to follow the directions on a box on how to boil pasta. This time, I mixed two different kinds of pasta; penne and rotini noodles. However, I ran into the same problem that my penne noodles had the same problem of not having the desired taste and texture after being cooked for the approximate time.

As some of my close friends and family know, I highly dislike the smell and taste of mince (ground beef). Whenever, I have helped my mom in kitchen to make this dish, I always have to have a candle or a vent blowing, so I do not gag.

So, if you can picture this scene of the mircowave vent fan blowing, my pasta water is boiling over (even when I placed a wooden spoon over the pot* Housewife tip), and the timer beeping to tell me the garlic bread in the oven is ready.

The Italian meal did end up hitting the spot, despite the fact the penne noodles were not ideal. Maybe like the old saying,”Third time is a charm.” We shall see.

After class today, my friend, Laura, and I have planned an late afternoon/evening together. She goes to Clearwater Christian, which is on the other side of town. Hopefully, we will be able to explore around Safety Harbor, which I have never been able to do so.

Just a little over a week till the rest of the family is back over! Cannot wait.



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