Anna Maria Island

This Saturday, my siblings and I headed down south for a little beach adventure to Anna Maria Island. Since it being my spring break, it only felt right to visit a beach sometime during my week break from school. For those who have never visited Anna Maria Island, the water is crystal clear. One of the reason why the beach has become one of my favorite is because it reminds me of the clear water of the Caribbean Sea. The water brings me back to my travel to the Cayman Islands. The sand is not quite the same as the luminescent pink sand of Grand Cayman, but alas, it will is better than Florida dirt!

It is funny because just over a month ago, my girlfriend, Nikki, and I decided to have beach day down at AMI. However, when we arrived to the island, the weather was not ideal.



ImageWe ended up wrapping ourselves with our towels and crossing our fingers for the sun to make an appearance. 

This time around, the weather was lovely. I get extremely giddy when I cross the bridge over to the island and I can see the water of the inter-coastal. Without a doubt, I am a beach bum at heart.








To me, it is worth the drive. I would much rather drive almost two hours to a beach where I can see me feet in the water than be on a crammed beach such as Clearwater where the water is not even clear. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.





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