Z A – Heartbreak

This morning, my uncle from South Africa called with some saddening news. The past couple of days, there has been a slaughtering of over a hundred rhinos in Kruger National Park. In the process of the poachers killing the rhinos, park guards have also killed alongside with three supposedly poachers. 

My eyes are open to the horrifying fact that this past trip to ZA might have been my last time to ever see a rhino in the wild. It makes me sick at the thought that my children might not ever be able to see a rhino because they are extinct. 

Animal Planet started the show Battleground: Rhino Wars and it aired a few weeks ago. The shows shed a light on the world renowned Greater Kruger area of South Africa which is north of Johannesburg. This area has become the home and area of protection for the magnificent animals, who are the edge of extinction. Poachers are stopping at nothing to hunt and kill the rhinoceroses just to saw off their horns.

According to this article, Rhino Poachers Killed In South Africa’s Kruger National Park, 188 rhinos have been killed since the beginning of this year. The death toll is simply astonishing. Animal Planet reports last year alone, nearly 700 rhinos were killed with baby rhinos and calves separated from their mothers and left to fend on their own. 

It amazes me what people will do because of greed. The thought just blows my mind.







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  1. Brian Perconti, Sr.
    Apr 04, 2013 @ 13:25:41

    I read this too — horrible — we saw them in Botswana when we were there — in Botswana National Parks, if you have a gun in your possession, you are shot on site. I believe in Botswana, there is no more hunting allowed — even on private land.


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