Since the beginning of me taking my public relations design class, my love for fonts and typography has grown. My eyes have opened to the importance of typography in web design, personal branding, business cards, logos, etc. It can truly make or break a company. Things cannot just be thrown together as if it were in a pot and add a dash of color and the end result be fabulous. Just like a delicious Sunday dinner: roasted chicken, carrots, cream corn, mash potatoes, and a tossed salad. That Sunday dinner cannot just be thrown together. Both the Sunday dinner and typography call for preparation, management, and structure. 

Bad typography can be confusing for the brain with all the fonts, hurtful for the eyes, and just plainly send mixed messages. 

One must consider colour & contrast. One wants the readers to be able to read easily without any trouble. Remember, simplicity is best. 

Take a look at Typography in Branding: Good and Bad Examples. It is amazing how Disneys signature has a total different vibe to it once the font changed.



I am one of those people who judges a book by it’s cover. I always. Always will. This is because of the images, textures, colours, and the total composition of the design. Even when I am just casually looking at things on Pinterest and I see a cute quote that I want to to repin, if the typography is cluttered, I will not repin the quote. It’s that simple.



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