Where Are The Men?

I am finding more and more wussies compared to men. I have found an increase in guys spending more time on their looks and let me say, I find this extremely bothersome. My observations of this is not just from here in the US of A, but also in South Africa. It is absolutely frightening the rate of the emasculation of men around the world. There was a man of love interest a couple years back that spent more time on his hair than I did. I beg your pardon, but I don’t think that how it should be at all. My makeup routine lasts no more than 3 minutes, 5 minutes if I am being fancy.

There is such a push for the gay movement and a desire to push products that come off as very feminine. As an example, I had a classmate telling a tale of his lip-balm. I know lip-balm is generally a neutral product for both sexes. However, it leaves me wondering what in the world is going on. More and more young men are labeled as “metro.” Can society blame that on the feminists? No quite sure.

As well as men not sticking up and being the man. In the words of Steve Harvey, “Men are, by nature, hunters, and women have been put in the position of being the prey.” I know this sounds like women are the little doe that is grazing in the field, but let’s be honest people. If the deer goes straight to the hunter’s lap, what good is that?! I’m not just saying this for romantic relationships. I am talking about this for any kind a relationship with people of the male sex.

Yesterday, I was going over these thoughts when I was driving to school and this song: I’m Still A Guy by Brad Paisley. The song is coming from a male’s perspective and I think it fits just perfectly.

I’m not quite sure if guys realize that girls are not attracted to wussies. So men, please overcome your wussiness!



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