Becoming A Working Woman

I am in the middle of my third week at my internship. I do have an official title: Marketing Intern. I have my own cubicle and computer monitor; plus a telephone (+ headset) with my own extension number! The first day was the most nerve racking of course. Every day that has followed since has smoothed over nicely.

 My experience of actually working in the restaurant has been an extreme help with communicating with customer via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email. Communicating is such a key skill. Even though, my major is in the mass communications field, this position is showing me another way how communication is extremely vital in the “real world.”

I will say the big girl feeling has set in. However, 40 hours a week is a bit of a downer. After dinner each night, I immediately ready for bed. Before, the thought of an office made my skin crawl. However, now that I am actually in an office working, it honestly is not that bad. I have been kind of a nerd looking up websites for cute ideas how to accessorize a cubicle and the must haves for supplies. Almost every day, I am adding more things to my list to bring back to the office. I have noticed that my skin is not enjoying the office. I was discussing this fast with my mom and she said the reason being of the recycled air. (Hence me being outside all weekends!)

I am also learning the joys of sitting in traffic for an hour. Interesting fact: Traffic brings out my nasty side. Tampa traffic stinks. I honestly feel that the majority of the drivers in this town need to go to driving school.



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