Taco Bus Experience

ImageThe other night I experience Taco Bus for the first time. I have been dying to try this place for about a year. The food is served out of a bus. Hence the restaurant’s name: TACO BUS. I was advised to order a burrito, but I was convinced that I could not leave Taco Bus without ordering a taco. It just would not feel right any other way. However, what I ordered was not exactly a taco…

I ended up eating the Tostada: Crunchy flat tortilla smothered with pinto beans, topped with your choice of filling, taco veggies and cheese. I also ordered Agua de piña – pineapple water. It was refreshing, but a bit too sweet for my liking.

The next morning, my tummy realized what my mouth had been up to and was not exactly pleased. I had told my friend that dined with me that night and they said they were experiencing like symptoms. “Now, you’ve had real Mexican food!”

I’m not quite sure that I want to have that feeling every time I have Mexican food from an authentic restaurant. That is just my personal preference. However, I do see myself dining there again in the future.




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