Cupcakes and Tea

I was looking up the #proudlySouthAfrican on Instagram the other night and I came across a Milktart cupcake recipe. For anyone who knows me, just even a little, would know that I love cupcakes and that I openly admit to eating them for breakfast; NO SHAME! I have taken it upon myself for this month’s challenge to make these cupcakes. A fellow blogger from South Africa, Arum Lilea,, posted her recipe for the delicious treats. I am quite anxious to put domestic skills to the test. * I hear the snickering through my laptop’s screen.


This week, I attempted to recreate a Mugg & Bean Red Cappuccino and it was a bit of a fail. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of sipping on a Red Cappuccino, it is rooibos tea (bush tea) made with frothy/steamed milk. There really isn’t much to it. One is to just boil water, steep the teabag in the water for a few minutes, then froth your milk. Combine the milk to your tea and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top to your hearts desire. However, I ended up making the rooibos a bit too weak. I should have used less water to make the tea stronger.



Happy Tuesday




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