Friday and Saturday Adventures

Auntie Kim took me into the city on Friday. Everything was quite a sight. I believe I got a real feel for the people in the city.

We walked around the river which reminded me of the River Walk in Texas. There was a man made beach which reminded me a lot of adventure island back home in Tampa. There were lots of families out with their little ones splashing around and cooling off.

It is interesting to see the fashion over here for both sexes. The guys clothing goes from hipster (like in the states) to the casual surfer shirt with the shorter shorts like from South Africa. The girls are into the loud statement pants, which gather at the ankles. I am a huge fan of the pants and was able to buy a pair for myself.

After the city, we stopped on the way back home at this little cafe for coffee and cake. The place was called the flying nun; too cute.

Yesterday, I was treated to the Alma Park Zoo. There, I was able to have a real Australian experience and hold a koala! A soft little guy!

Almost every morning and evening I see wallabies on Auntie Kim’s property. So neat!

Last night, I finally slept all the way thru the night!! The nights before I have been waking up around 3 am and I have had to keep telling myself to go back to sleep.

More to come from the Land Down Under!



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