Friday and Saturday – Melbourne

This weekend, Sam, Kerry, Blaine and I ventured out to the Great Ocean Road for a camping trip and to see the beautiful coast line.

This coast is nothing like I have ever seen before. Love driving next to the water, like the drive down A1A in Florida. I might just have to say this road has A1A beat!

There are a couple of look outs along the drive. Absolutely breath taking for sure. The water was all different colours of blue.

We ended up camping at this one little spot up in the mountains. It was a free spot! It was a funny scene with us driving up and the surrounding campers staring at us while we bring out multiple mattresses and blankets out the car. Sam and Kerry’s tent was big enough for the four of us…we had an extra one just in case we didn’t. The closest city to us was named Lorne. A cute little place. We headed there for dinner and found ourselves eating at an Asian joint called Chopstix. A yummy place with filling curry and tasty coconut drinks.

Friday, we drove a couple of hours down to see the twelve apostles. One of the best sights I have ever seen hands down.

*Lots of Asian tourists out and about wearing Australian Open shirts and displaying their cameras on their neck. Let’s pray I looked like a local and not a typical tourist ;)

The car rides were without a doubt a highlight. I love just visiting with friends and family…mainly my whole purpose of my big trip.

On our way back home today, we stopped at Bells beach, which is where a surfing competition is held yearly with some of the biggest pros. No questions about it, I got a baggy of sand!

Now, I’m just waiting for Blaineo to pick me up for a 50’s themed party which there I will be the novelty American cousin.

Having a ball!



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