Wednesday and Thursday – Melbourne

Wednesday – I was able to see some of the wild birds here in Australia. They just come and land on you…if you have feed. The first time I did it, so cool. I was warned that the birds have sharp claws and could bite. I managed to not get any scratches or bites. However, I pushed my luck with my second go. I got a nice scratch under my eye. While I was trying to be a big girl and not make a fuss, my eye started crying, despite my effort of trying to keep myself calm. With me reacting to my face, I apparently jerked my hand and one of the six birds on me bit my hand. “So painful!!” After that…I was done :P

I did get to meet my lil cousin Jett! Such a cutie. He wasn’t quite sure what to think of me, but once he took me into his room to show me around we were best of buds!

Thursday- Blaine took me to the beach. I did collect my sand, for those of you who know of my lil collection I have. The beaches was named “Sorrento.” It was a perfect day for it too!

Once, the two of us left, we came to the realization we were both burnt. My ginger cousin got the shorter end of the stick, poor boy.

When we got home, we quickly packed up the car with Sam and Kerry for our adventure to the Great Ocean Road. The plan was for us to go camping..aka pretending to be homeless. I was totally game for the whole thing. About five minutes down the road, I was looking at the bedding next to me and it dawned on me that I was probably responsible of bringing my own…I was. However, don’t hold your breath..I managed!!!



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