Sunday Morning – Durban

This morning, I was blessed to worship with the saints here in South Africa.

I might be bias in saying this but their singing voices are the best I have ever heard. You can’t sing along and not smile.

The children’s Bible class was filled with little ones. They all wanted to know what I was doing when I came into the room to take pictures with my phone.

Worshipping with the saints over here always helps me put things into perspective very quickly. Back home, churches are beyond blessed to sit in the air con with plush seats for their bottoms and not worry about their time there. The church I was with today worship in a tent outside. Children sit on grass mats and the adults try to find a plastic seat.

A young woman of the age of 27 decided to follow Jesus today. We had a big truck load of people to come and watch the joyful occasion of this young woman becoming a sister in Christ through baptism. Of course we sung “O Happy Day” when she came up from the water.

Happy Sunday!









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