Sun is out in SA – Tuesday

The weather man lied which means I was able to have a beach day today!!!

Like usual, I woke up a little before six this morning. The sun was shining in my room and I was so sure it had to be nine, but then I checked my phone and I was sadly mistaken. I immediately looked out my window and saw blue skies. The only reasonable thing for me to do next was to put on my costume and head towards the pool. Once everyone got up, I made a request with Uncle Scott to drop me off at the beach for a couple of hours.

For anyone who knows me, knows I take my beach outings seriously. I go fully prepared to be out in the sun all day if I have to.

My two hours at the beach was blissful. The Indian Ocean was warm and felt perfect on my skin. After I got of the water, I saw two young men following a lifeguard to the bushes on the beach. I then realized they had been stung by some jellyfish and were putting a type of aloe of their wounds. I was happy I got out of the water when I did because when I went on a walk a little while later, I saw a number of blue bottles up in shore.

Later in the day, I joined the ladies of the Tope family grocery shopping then we went for a little treat at a local cafe. Instead of my favorite red cappuccino, I ordered a red latte. A good choice for sure.

Crazy to think I’ve been gone for three weeks already and that I still have over three to go.

I will say I have learned different things about myself on this trip and I know I still have more to find out.

Missing my bed. Missing my puppies.
And…missing my family. Hi Mom!










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