Wednesday – Dolphin Coast

Two main highlights for my day-

Aryssa and I went to Christmas Bay beach for a couple of hours in search of some quality time catching rays and chatting. This beach is where Cheyenne had her senior pictures taken. The sky was a bit overcast so you couldn’t see all the blues of the ocean in their glory. Despite the clouds, we managed to have a good time. We went a couple of times walking around the rock pools and we were trying to see what sea creatures were out and about.

After our beach date, Aryssa treated me to some local bunny chow. No, I was not eating Peter Rabbitt. This dish is a hallowed loaf of bread with hot Durban curry put inside it. So good! I ended up ordering a vegetable curry bunny chow and Aryssa ordered a chicken kind. I will confess, I was unable to finish it all because my lips were on fire. I was a bit worried I would have some kind of heartburn but there was no aftermath!







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