Thursday – Ballito

It’s amazing how a haircut can make one feel transformed and refreshed.

Today, I had my scheduled hair appointment at a little salon here in Ballito with this hip hairdresser named Kate. When I was here last I went in and she styled my hair beautifully. This time, Kate remembered exactly who I was and she was thrilled to see me. I explained to her that out of my whole trip, my hair appointment was the only thing I had actually scheduled. Kate said she was so privileged and she wanted to catch up and know how the family was doing. It is such a treat to get my hair done here because the ladies in the salon massage your head when giving you a shampoo. Plus they offer you tea or coffee during your appointment. For a split moment, I felt like a model getting her hair done. When it came time to pay, my total came out to only US $20!!! Best $20 I have spent on this entire trip to be totally honest.

Later in the afternoon, Aryssa, Dean, Aubrey and I were able to go to a look game park for a game drive. That was a special treat. The park wasn’t that big but they did have zebra, various buck, ostrich, giraffe, vervet monkeys, wart hogs, and horses.

*On the way to the park, the roads were so bad. When I write bad I mean that there are potholes as wide as ones car. There wasn’t just a few here and there. These potholes were everywhere. Welcome to Africa.

The game driver was concerned that I didn’t make any comments on the drive. I explained to him that I just was soaking it all in and that I didn’t want to ruin the moment by talking.

I am looking forward to this weekend. I have the opportunity to see my other side of the family. Please pray that we have a safe road trip.




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