Durban weekend

I’ve had quite a filled weekend.

On Friday morning, my gran and granpa picked me up to take me away for a few days down in Durban with my dad’s side of the family. Gran spoiled me rotten by taking me shopping for the afternoon. It was an eye opener on visiting them that they are not getting younger. Granpa has been very ill the past couple of months and about two months ago was told he had cancer. I am blessed that I did have a chance to see him on this trip.

Friday evening, my cousin Brent and girlfriend Kelly took me out for a night on the town. We went to the snazzy old hotel right on the beach. There we met up with my other cousin and her husband…lovely couple. The view from this hotel was beautiful. The scenery is of the Indian Ocean and all the various ships out in the water and the lighthouse right there. We then hopped down to “the village” as they called it for dinner. Our group ended up at a cute little Thai restaurant. So good!

I ended spending the night at Brent and Kelly’s flat. Before bed, the three of us snuggled on the couch with tea and cookies and watched The Bachelorette. *Brent was the one who was keen on us watching it. No lies!

On Saturday morning we went for a nice beach sesh. Boy was it hot, but it felt so good.

They then returned me back to Gran and Granpa who were at my Auntie Pat’s house. Here we just relaxed, took naps, watched some ice skating, talking about painting. We also had a nice braai that night. *Braai – South African BBQ.

Sunday morning, my Uncle Brian took me down to the Durban beach front for a bike ride. I was able to see a beautiful view of the city and water. Tons of people were out running, walking, and cycling. On our ride, we passed the hospital I was born at. A nice lil sight. As well, we also saw tons of surfers out. Cheyenne would of had a field day drooling and standing in awe at them. In the end out bike ride was 25 K long.

Later in the day we went to a market and I was able to get done goodies for myself for a good deal!

Sunday evening, I had joined the group here in Ballito for worship. It is always a blessing to worship while traveling.

Today, Aryssa and I had a lovely lunch at a restaurant named Tashas. She had been dying to take me there since I arrived. They had such a large menu to choose from it was a bit overwhelming.

Now, I’m just trying to organize everything in my suitcase because on Wednesday, I am off to my next destination: Port Elizabeth!

Time for me to attempt to get some quality pillow time.













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