My days in PE

My days in Port Elizabeth are coming to a close but I have had such a lovely time visiting with my dear friends Uncle Norman and Auntie Emmie, who have spoiled me rotten.

They have found it quite funny that I eat little bits all the time and that I have such a sweet tooth. Uncle Norman loves treating me with cakes and cookies. I have no complaints, however my tummy is getting a little jelly roll.

This weekend, I have been able to see so many different animals. Friday, we drove about an hour away to the Addo Elephant Park. Here we were able to drive around and spot various animals. Uncle Norman was determined for us to find lions, but we kept on passing dung Beatles instead. Then, right when we were saying we hadn’t spotted any elephants yet, a whole herd was passing through the bush across the road. What a sight! Elephants without a doubt are one of my favorite animals. Absolutely breathtaking. After a few moments of being blessed with the giant animals presence, they disappeared in the bush. If we hadn’t seen them within those moments, one would never know they were just a little ways in in the bush.

Saturday, we ventured out for another road trip out to a cheetah farm. At the park we saw quite a few of the African cats, starting from a caracal to lion to cheetah of course. I was able to walk in to an enclosure with the cheetah and actually pet one! I was the last one of my group to touch the cheetah, so I was a bit cautious because I didn’t want the cheetah to be irritated by the time I got to pet her. The cheetah’s coat was a lot coarser than what I thought it was going to be.

Almost everyday after our morning adventures, I am like a baby and need my afternoon nap. I guess my body is finally dealing with all the traveling.

Sunday, we worshipped with the saints here in PE. It was such a treat meeting everyone. The preacher, Brian Allen, actually had meet me before, however I forgot our meeting (it was 10 years ago). When services started, brother Allen mentioned me as Gene Tope’s granddaughter and Laurene’s daughter, which made me feel special and welcomed. It is always uplifting to worship with saints in another country. Without a doubt I am always thankful for my church family back home, who I miss dearly.

I also have been having a good time playing with Uncle Norman and Auntie Emmie’s grand kids, Melissa and Nathan. They made me miss Hunter and Cheyenne by the way they were bickering with one another. Just kidding. But they did remind me of my siblings.

I have noticed all the townships near the area and how the people live in such small places. There is more rubbish on the side of the roads over here compared to Durban. Also, cows just roam wherever. I’ve never seen anything like that. Something one might see in India.

Well I’m off to make myself another pot of tea.

The next time you might hear from me is when I’m in Dubai!















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