Dubai Adventures – Thursday

Quite an adventurous 24 hours in Dubai!

The buildings here are like nothing I have seen before. “We’re not in Tampa anymore!”

After arriving alittle past midnight last night, my hosts, Mr. Tommy and Ms. Christine, drove me through downtown. The lights were a sight to see. It was amazing that there was so much traffic on the roads in the wee hours of the morning. Once we arrived at their humble high rise flat, we stayed up for sometime longer visiting and catching up.

Let me say, my bed here has been the most comfortable bed I have slept on so far! Reminded me of home.

We had a lounging morning which was exactly what I needed. After we had our bellies filled and ourselves dressed, Ms. Christine and I headed towards the train to go and visit the mall of Emirates. This is an absolutely huge mall with a snow ski slope inside it! Along with venturing into a few shops, I fully enjoyed people watching at the mall. For the majority of the shops at the mall, there is an Arabic sign right next to the English one too.

Later in the day, the three of us went to this place which was a mix of Epcot + flea market + state fair. Here, there were not too many people wearing Western clothes. Something a bit different from what I am use to seeing, but an interesting sight.

At this place, I had both my hands done with beautiful designs of henna. This has always been one of my dreams! So I was a bit over the moon choosing my designs!

Excited for the next days to come!

















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