Switzerland Sight Seeing – Tuesday and Wednesday

I believe as a Floridian I am managing quite well with the weather change. Layering is a big key in keeping warm. Every time I go out of the house, I am wearing some sort of leggings under neath my pants, fuzzy socks that come up to my knees, two long sleeve shirts, my big fuzzy green scarf, boots, and my borrowed winter coat. I honestly like the layered look. It is something totally different way to dress from my style back home.

Yesterday, little Lennon, Ms. Franzi’s youngest, was terribly sick. So this called for the two of them to go to the doctor. After their appointment, the three of us went to visit Lake Biel, which is just down the hill from their home. The water was super clear and there were tons of ducks near shore, alongside with a pair of swans. I immediately started to hum Swan Lake. Lennon and I made it our goal to try and find the flattest rocks to skip. After playing near shore, we played at the near playground for a while before heading to the grocery store. Something neat about the store here, they have you pay 2 Swiss Francs for a shopping buggey. Once you return the buggey at the end of your shopping, you get your money back. This is a pretty genius idea…making sure the buggies bl make their way back and not being stolen or being left around. Another observation at the store, the cashier does not bag your groceries. You, the customer, must bag your own.

Today, Ms. Franzi and I ventured around Bern. This city is like nothing I have ever seen before. Cobble stone streets, beautifully designed churches, and expensive stores. This city is known for their bears and they have a special exhibit for them. However, doing what they do best in winter, they were sleeping.

In the middle of the streets there were these fountain statues. Quite neat. All of them with different designs. And there were open drains in the middle of the street as well.

Over here, the pedestrians rule the road. The cars must stop for anyone walking near by. This is great if you are walking, but quite obnoxious if you are driving.

The two of us climbed the inside of a famous church, Berner Münster, which is located in the middle of the city. The cathedral is the tallest one in Switzerland. The stairway was eeny meanie thing, but we made it to the top. The sight was definitely worth the hassle.

We also saw the famous clock tower,
Zytglogge which rings every hour. An interesting sight.

I was very impressed with the city.

Tonight, I had a special treat for dinner: a real Swiss cheese fondue :) Delish!

Friday is just around the corner.





























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