Boyfriend Jeans

The past week, I have done some spring cleaning of my wardrobe. Resulting in me finding clothes that have slipped into the dark corners of my closet. During this process, I spotted a pair of jeans which I had been given in a bag of hand-me-downs. I will note that hand-me-down clothes are my favorite, even though shopping for something new is exciting. Now back to the jeans, these jeans are of a different style than what I would normally wear: The Boyfriend Jeans. Dun Dun DUUUNNNNN!!!!!


I wanted to give the jeans a try. So of course, my first thought was to go on Pinterest to be inspired. Let me just say there are plenty of cute and fashionable ways to wear this type of style of denim. The over whelming results of pictures gave me plenty of ideas of how to wear the jeans to my liking.




Now, for some reason, Florida’s weather has decided to take a step back into a freezing climate (freezing in Floridian language, 50 degrees Fahrenheit). But the sunshine is out and flowers are blooming, so I mentally still feel like its springtime. Therefore, in my mind whenever it is springtime, I wear my Fedora hat, which I bought at dear ol’ Target years ago. I then decided to accessorize with some simple bracelets and a special rose necklace passed down to me from my mom. Shoes: I settled on my mint flats for a pop of color. Top: An oldie but a goodie, Express V-neck. Then for the final piece: Lucky Brand- Boyfriend Jeans!!!

I was quite surprised how girly I felt in my outfit of the day. 










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