Lessons Learned From Job-Hunting

Job-hunting can be time consuming. Filling out applications can be time consuming. Interviewing can be time consuming. However, all of the steps can lead to awesome opportunities and exciting career paths.

Here are some lessons I have learned through my job-hunting.

You are your own brand

Make sure your LinkedIn account echoes what is on your resume. Do not post things that you do not want recruiters to see. Have a professional photo for profiles.

Check for typos

Double check emails before sending them. Reread your resume and have others read them too!

Do your research

Learn about the company’s culture and mission. This will allow you to gain insight on the industry.

Go prepared

Have multiple hard copies of your resume. Be a step ahead and have questions written out for your interviewers.

Dress professionally

Wear clothes that fit you well and that do not show too much skin. Follow the dress code or dress one step above. Limit jewelry and invest in comfortable and work-appropriate shoes. As well, body language is a huge part of your appearance.

Be yourself

No matter what!

Be patient

God has a plan for every one of us. We may not understand it, but He does and that is all that matters.



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