Brunch Crawl

See what I did there ;)

First on the list: The Flying Biscuit Café. According to D, it is the ultimate pit stop when traveling through Gainesville. The chain has 13 different locations starting from Florida, up to Atlanta, and then ending in North Carolina.

I had heard nothing but good tales of the restaurant from my fellow Gator fans.

The environment was definitely family friendly and bright happy colors covered every wall.

My choosing was the Famous Flying Biscuit Breakfast (first thing on the breakfast menu). Two eggs served with their signature breakfast sausage and a side of creamy dreamy grits.

Let me say, I was one happy camper when the food came out! No complaints on our end! Another note: I finished everything on my plate…this is a big deal for me!

Without skipping a beat, I would recommend this restaurant.





Hippie Child



Cilantro Red Pepper Crusted Mahi Mahi







This week’s special!

1/2 cup fresh cut up cilantro
2 tablespoons of red pepper flakes
2 tablespoons of olive oil
Salt and pepper
4 filets of mahi mahi

Preheat oven to 375 degree Fahrenheit.

Place olive oil in pan on stove top, medium high heat.

Take thawed filets and season with salt and pepper to liking, both sides. Then, dredge filets, one side only, with cilantro and red pepper flakes.

Now, place fish cilantro side down into pan. Cook til fish starts browning on edges. (1-2 minutes) ***Be careful, oil will go everywhere. Then, place fish in a baking dish to put bake in oven for 3-5 minutes.

I honestly felt like a real cook after this meal. Delish!


Friday Fish Fry

Since coming back home, I have been cooking one meal a week. Mom decided to have me cook fish because she detests to smell it, cook it, or eat it. I love fish, so I have no problem cooking it.

For those who have never cooked fish, it is one of the easiest and fastest meats one can cook.

I spotted grapefruits in our fridge and set my mind on a citrus inspired dish.

To be completely honest, I didn’t follow a recipe. I just threw things together.


2 grapefruits
Chardonnay wine * or any white wine
Dash of salt and pepper

First step, I set the oven at 350 F. Then got out my stone dish and covered the bottom with tin foil.

I juiced one of the grapefruits and placed the juice in a bowl. I then added about two tablespoons of honey. A dash of all five spices/seasonings just for flavour. This was my marinade. Last minute, I decided to add some white wine. I added about 1/4 cup.

I then placed the fish in the stone dish, poured the marinade over the fish.

Next step, I cut the other grapefruit into slices to place on top of the fish.

I let the fish sit in the marinade while the oven was preheating.

After about 20 minutes the fish was ready.

Everyone, except Mom, ate the fish. I do wish I added more paprika and honey for a bit of a kick and sweetness.

Please forgive me that I forgot to take a picture of the end result.






Cupcakes and Tea

I was looking up the #proudlySouthAfrican on Instagram the other night and I came across a Milktart cupcake recipe. For anyone who knows me, just even a little, would know that I love cupcakes and that I openly admit to eating them for breakfast; NO SHAME! I have taken it upon myself for this month’s challenge to make these cupcakes. A fellow blogger from South Africa, Arum Lilea,, posted her recipe for the delicious treats. I am quite anxious to put domestic skills to the test. * I hear the snickering through my laptop’s screen.


This week, I attempted to recreate a Mugg & Bean Red Cappuccino and it was a bit of a fail. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of sipping on a Red Cappuccino, it is rooibos tea (bush tea) made with frothy/steamed milk. There really isn’t much to it. One is to just boil water, steep the teabag in the water for a few minutes, then froth your milk. Combine the milk to your tea and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top to your hearts desire. However, I ended up making the rooibos a bit too weak. I should have used less water to make the tea stronger.



Happy Tuesday



Taco Bus Experience

ImageThe other night I experience Taco Bus for the first time. I have been dying to try this place for about a year. The food is served out of a bus. Hence the restaurant’s name: TACO BUS. I was advised to order a burrito, but I was convinced that I could not leave Taco Bus without ordering a taco. It just would not feel right any other way. However, what I ordered was not exactly a taco…

I ended up eating the Tostada: Crunchy flat tortilla smothered with pinto beans, topped with your choice of filling, taco veggies and cheese. I also ordered Agua de piña – pineapple water. It was refreshing, but a bit too sweet for my liking.

The next morning, my tummy realized what my mouth had been up to and was not exactly pleased. I had told my friend that dined with me that night and they said they were experiencing like symptoms. “Now, you’ve had real Mexican food!”

I’m not quite sure that I want to have that feeling every time I have Mexican food from an authentic restaurant. That is just my personal preference. However, I do see myself dining there again in the future.



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