Ugly Side of Social Media

Recently, I have been thinking about the pros and cons of social media, mainly the cons. Social media can be such a tool to bring awareness to certain subjects or to connect people around the world. Take the ALS ice bucket challenge as example, which has taken social media by storm. Over a couple of weeks, the ALS association has received over millions of donations thanks to social media. However, there is an unflattering side to this lovable and addictive tool.

Intimate relationships are no longer a personal matter. They are a public matter. A couple’s relationship can only be official if it’s “Facebook Official.” A couple must always be in constant contact with each other by posting, tweeting, messaging back and forth. Then, if our significant other doesn’t text us back immediately, we start to question why we are not that important to get a response back.

It is amazing how engagements become these immediate headlines. Yes, sharing on social media has become part of our culture. However, I find it nauseating when couples display something so personal and private on social media. It is getting to the point where everything is broadcasted. “I’m X cm dilated!” “Can’t wait to become one flesh with fiancé.”

My best friend told me this the other day, which I believe nails the subject right on the head, “We need to be reminded that a relationship is not about likes but about a life.”

Social media is leading its followers into a narcissistic culture. I know I am guilty of getting that little bit of thrill when I see my phone light up and ding from the other side of a room. I am guilty of judging and dictating whether or not someone has a good relationship due to their posted photos. I’m guilty of looking at my little box on FaceTime rather than looking at the actual person I’m talking to.

Just like everything, there needs to be a happy medium.

What is my solution one may ask? Detox! Remember, generations before us could function with out it. I believe we can do the same. I know it will be difficult. I know I get separation anxiety from my phone just for a couple of hours, whom am I kidding…for a couple of minutes. Let’s challenge ourselves to have break.

Please, have a real conversation with someone! It is good for the soul!



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